Guided Implant Surgery

Guided implant surgery uses cutting edge computer and Computerized Tomography (CT) imaging technology to plan the installation of dental implants. This process ensures that implants are placed exactly as the surgeon has planned, whereas traditional methods will generally deviate slightly, as they are conducted by hand.

CT scanning and 3-D imaging remove a significant portion of the guesswork traditionally involved in placing permanent dental implants. Doctors can now visualize the patients’ full jawbone in three dimensions, and determine the precise spot that would best accommodate an implant. The procedure is then conducted by a computer to eliminate any risk of human error. This technology marks an evolutionary leap in the process of installing replacement teeth on dental implants.

Guided implant surgery also allows your dental surgeon to generate your permanent restoration ahead of the surgery and place it on the same day as the surgery. This system not only simplifies the surgical process, but provides greater customer satisfaction; you will have permanent replacement teeth in around an hour.

By allowing your surgeon to study a detailed image of the interior parts of your jawbone, including the surrounding nerves and tissue, computer guided surgery provides an exponentially safer and more accurate means of placing your dental implants. Indeed, these machines are also used in joint replacement surgeries.