Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgery is a form of plastic or reshaping surgery which restores the normal functionality and appearance of lost, damaged, or compromised periodontal structures. This could include the gum tissue, the jawbone, or periodontal ligaments.

Essentially, this surgery restores periodontal structures that support the teeth in order to control microbial dental plaque, which causes periodontal diseases. To do this, your dental surgeon will eliminate pockets of diseased tissue around your teeth by regenerating and reconstructing the tissue. This process will immediately improve the health of your teeth and restore an environment in which you and your dental health professional can work together to maintain strong and healthy teeth.

However, periodontal surgery cannot cure periodontal diseases. Rather, it supplements dental health by reversing some negative impacts of dental decay. While certain surgeries – think removal of the appendix – can immediately cure an ailment, periodontal surgery requires the patient to maintain their dental health after the procedure. Periodontal surgery aims to improve the health and increase the longevity of your teeth, with the understanding that the patient will take the necessary steps to avoid further dental disease.